【Pre-order Coupon】only for the pre-order item2

CODE: preorder-coupon2

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Discount coupon only for the ★Pre-order item★

Special discount offer for the pre-order item!
See below for more information on how to use it.


【About the Pre-order Coupon】

◆What's the Pre-order Coupon◆
Add this Pre-order Coupon into the cart with the pre-order item, you will get the discount from the retail price.

※The discount rate varies from product to product. Please check the discount rate described with the product name.
Some pre-order items are excluded from the special discount offer, and some items not displayed the discount rate are also excluded from the special discount offer. If you add such items in the cart, it will be automatically disabled.

◇Terms and Conditions◇
The discount offer will be applied when you add the pre-order item together with the Pre-order Coupon. We will send you the confirmation mail and notify you the discounted price.
※Other coupon and campaign are not allowed to be used at the same time.
※Products that have been released are excluded from the discount coupons.
※When the released products are added with the pre-order item, the discount offer is applied only for the pre-order item.


【How to use the Pre-order Coupon】

1:Select the coupon you want to use, click "Add to Cart" and put it in the cart.

2:Put your purchase in your cart and go to the "Purchase Process"

3:You will receive an automatic Thank You email after you complete the purchase process.
 ※At this point the price show on the mail is not discounted yet.

4:You will receive an order confirmation email later.
    ※The order confimation email will be the official order contents including shipping postage and price discounted.