PLATZ 1/144 USAF Bomber B-1B Lancer 337th BS〔Strategic Camouflage Scheme〕

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Plastic Model Kit


About the Aircraf

The US Air Force has been operating the B-1B Lancer since 1986. It is a large strategic bomber developed as a successor to the B-52, and features a smooth body shape with high stealth and variable-sweep wings to realize high-speed attack at low altitude. Equipped with four turbofan engines, the maximum speed is Mach 1.25. In addition, the armament loading capacity inside the aircraft is the largest in the world, reaching 34 tons, twice the B-52. 100 aircraft were produced and participated in battles in Iraq in 1998 and showed its high performance.


About the Kit

This is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the USAF strategic bomber,B-1B Lancer, which has been operating since 1986.
★ Scale in 1/144 with Dragon made parts, the finish is about 30cm in length.
★ Precisely reproduce the aircraft shape and details.
★ The variable-sweep wings can be opened and closed after assembly completed.
★ The bomber bay can be assembled by selecting open or closed status.
★ Cartograf made silk-screen printing decal reproduces the 2 markings on B-1B Lancers which first deployed to 337BS/96BW.