PLATZ 1/144 JASDF F-4EJ KAI PHANTOM II 306SQ #428 'Kai-Sanjo'


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Release Schedule in February 2022

Plastic Model Kit


About the Aircraft

In the history of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force for more than 60 years, F-4EJ has played a part in the main fighter for more than 40 years. In the 1980s, a performance improvement renovation plan was advanced, and 90 aircraft were renovated to F-4EJ Kai. The F-4EJ Kai was deployed to the 306th Squadron in 1989, followed by the 301 and 302 squadrons.
In 1990, the 306th Squadron entered the character "Kai Sanjo (Improved machine calling on)" on #428 and showed pride as the first deployment of F-4EJ Kai. The F-4EJ Kai has been active in air defense missions for over 40 years since its deployment, and all operations have been completed in 2020.

About the Kit

It is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the F-4EJ modified fighter of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force in 1/144.
■ The finished total length is about 133mm.
■ Reproduce the "Kai Sanjo" mark on the F-4EJ No. 428 of 306th Squadron of JASDF in 1990.
■ The caution marks for each part of the airframe are also reproduced by decals.
■ Decals are silk-screen printing by Italian Cartograph with high quality.