PLATZ 1/72 Full Action Series WWW.II IJN A6M2b Zero Fighter Type21 "263rd Naval Air Group"


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Release Scheduled in January 2022

Plastic model kit


【About the Full Action Series】

★A new series, Full Action series, allows modelers to enjoy the movement of each part even after assembly completion.
★Realistically reproduce the aircraft style and details.
★Each part such as elevator, rudder, landing gear, propeller, etc. is movable in the same way as the actual aircraft.

About the Aircraft

The main fighter of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Zero Fighter Type 21 started mass production in accordance with the start of the Pacific War. The Zero Fighter Type 21 equipped with two 20mm autocannons and a 7.7mm machine gun. In addition to its high fighting ability, the Zero Fighter Type 21 was proud of its maximum speed of 533 km/h and a cruising range of more than 2,500 km. The attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 became its first fight, and then it was also deployed to the 263rd Naval Air Group, which fought fiercely in the Mariana Islands after 1943, and the 203rd Naval Air Group, which fought domestically until the end of the war. The Zero Fighter Type 21 was painted in light gray-white in the early days and changed to dark green later.

About the Kit

The Full Action series items enable modelers to enjoy the movement of each part even after assembly.
- A plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Zero fighter Type 21 in 1/72 scale.
- A collaborative item in the use of F-toys parts.
- Realistically reproduce the elegant and delicate style of Zero Fighter and the details of each part in detail.
- The cockpit and Sakae engine are reproduced precisely.
- The main wing, which is a feature of Type 21, as well as rudder, elevator, aileron are movable.
- The propeller is rotatable; the main landing gear/landing hook/tail wheel is movable to put in/out; the windshield is openable with a transparent part.
- Cartograf made decals with high quality reproduce the markings of the 263rd and 203rd Naval Air Group.