F-toys 1/72 FULL ACTION KIT IJN A6M2 Zero Fighter "ZEKE" (Part2)

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1/72 Pre-painted plastic model assembly kit

Release from August 2020



★Pre-painted assembly plastic model kit in 1/72 scale.
★Realisitically repproduce the IJN A6M2 Zero Fighter "ZEKE".
★Finely reproduce the internal structure such as engine, and machine gun.
★Each control surface like aileron, elevator, and rudder is movable.
★The canopy is slide opening and closing.
★The landing hook, and tail wheel is able to put in and out. The hatch of machine gun is openable.
★Including decal sheets for 5 aircraft:

  • 81-113 the 281st Naval Flying Group
  • 53-160 the 253rd Naval Flying Group
  • V1-121 the 281st Naval Flying Group
  • 獅125("Japanese Lion FS) the 341st Naval Flying Group
  • オ-157 Omura Naval Flying Group

★Including Special Limited Decal, 豹187("Panther” FS) the 263rd Naval Flying Group, purchased available only from PLATZ's distributors.

※ The unit box contents one kit, assembly manual, one chewing gum
※ One Box contains 5-pack blind unit boxes for 5,000 Yen (without tax)
※ One Carton contains 8 Boxes for 40,000 Yen (without tax)
※ One Box size : 180mm x 120mm x 50mm