F-toys 1/64 NISSAN FAIRLADY Z Road Car Evolution[10% OFF when using coupons]

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Painted & Built Plastic Model

1/64 Japanese Classic Car Selection Vol.10
NISSAN FAIRLADY Z Road Car Evolution



<About the Fairlady Z>

The Fairlady Z432, the admirable sport car that was rolled out in 1969 and won a big market all over the world.
The Fairlady Z NISMO, developed by the Nissan Work Team, was introduced the technology cultivated in the race scene.
Enjoy the dream competition of the Fairlady Z432 and the Fairlady Z NISMO!
Highly recommended for Nissan Fairlady fans and modelers.
Collect all!

<About the Model>

■Painted & Built plastic model.
■A series of Nissan Fairlady Z road car evolution in 1/64 scale.
■New tooling for Nissan Fairlady Z NISMO for 50th anniversary celebration of Fairlady Z.
■A total of 8 varieties:
【Fairlady NISMO】
A.Brilliant Silver
B.Vibrant Red
C.Diamond Black
D.Brilliant White Pearl
【Fairlady Z432】
A.Grand Prix Orange
B.Grand Prix Green
C.Monte Carlo Silver
D.Le Mans Yellow
■Comes with display pedestal, one chewing gum.
■The single mini car is about 67.4 x 20.5 x 31.5mm for car 1, and 64.5 x 19.9 x 26.2mm for car 2.
■The display pedestal is about 95 x 55 x10mm.
■The engine hood is openable.
※There are 10-pack blind box type in one Box with all 8 varieties for 6,000 Yen (without tax).