Privacy Policy

(1) Basic policy for the personal data.

We Platz Ltd (hereinafter called “We”), receive a minimum data from the user at Hobby Collective (hereinafter called “Our Website”) in connection with providing all services (hereinafter called “Our Service”)

We pay the maximum attention to protect personal data from the User (“User Register” refers to who register as a member, “Guest User” refers to who uses mail-order service without member registered, “Newsletter Subscriber” refers to who subscribe to newsletter only without member registered). Our Policy of personal data is as follows.

(2) Personal data collection

We collect personal data when the Users use Our Service through Our Website.

・Mail-order Service
【Necessary Data Collection】Name, Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Email Address.
【Data Collection from Payment】Bank Account Number, Credit Card Information
【Method of Collection】the personal data will provided by the User when using Our Service through Our Website

・Newsletter Subscription Service
【Data Collection】Email Address
【Method of Collection】the personal data will provided by the User when subscribe our newsletter service through Our Website

We automatically receive data from the User's browser, such as the User's IP address, cookie information, pages viewed by the User, and the User's usage environment, and record it to the server as an access log.

Additionally, it does not only include personally identifiable data, but it is also used to analyze the management and the use status of Our Website.

We may obtain a notice including personal data of the User or a third party, and may acquire the disclosed personal data by a legitimate means for the investigation of the violation of the agreement.

(3) The use of the collected personal data

We use personal data in the following cases:

・In the case the User uses Our Service, such as applying for a mail-order or receiving the newsletter.

・In the case we display information that is optimized for each User on Our Service, such as posting information that the User may be interested in.

・In the case we analyze status of the use of Our Service on purpose to improve Our Service.

・In the case we make use of the User’s statistics to describe the services to the user or third parties.

・In the case of necessary for individual processing and business, such as contacting Users or third parties, verifying identity, investigating and responding to violations of the agreement, checking the contents of the inquiry, and proceeding with the shipment of products.

We do not access or use personal data for any other purposes described above.

(4) Disclosure of the personal data

We do not display personal data to third-party except in the following cases:

・In the case of approval of personal data disclosure from the User himself.

・In the case we consider it necessary for the operation of Our Service, such as viewing the access log. However, in this case, the User registration personal data will not be disclosed.

・In the case we use the minimum amount of personal data required to perform a business alliance with our business partners with the uses’ approval. However, In this case, the company may not use the personal data disclosed by us except for the purpose of business performing.

・In the case we owe a legal obligation to disclose personal data, such as when the disclosure is requested based on a warrant.

・In the case it is deemed necessary to protect our rights, property, or service, when there is a reasonable doubt that the User are against the User Agreement.

・In the case of emergency and difficulty to get the approval from the User himself when there is an imminent danger to the life, body and property of the User or a third-party, and there is an urgent need

We disclose personal data to our business partner for payment management of mail-order service depending on the method chose by the User.

We consider the User agree to the disclosure of personal data when choosing the payment method.

◎ Net Protections, Inc.

◎ Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd.

◎ PayPal Pte. Ltd.

(5) Access, correction, and deletion of the personal data

As a general rule, We enable the User to view and edit the personal data registered from “my account” after login.

In addition, We will confirm the user’s identity through email predetermined procedure.

If the User request a withdrawal processing and deletion the personal data, We will contact the User through email.

It takes a few days to process and confirm.
In addition, the process is not notified unless the User requests confirmation.

No personal data registered will be used for this service after withdrawal.

In addition, we store the sales history of the product after the withdrawal process for the purpose of the after-sales service of the product sold.

We do no use the personal data for advertisement after the withdrawal process and user registration data deletion is completed, except the inquiry about the purchased product from the User.

(6) Retaining, and protecting the personal data

The User himself may view the user registration data by signing with correct user name and password in order to protect the privacy from other users and third-parties.

Our Service uses SSL encryption to protect data when it is necessary to protect data transmission.

We prohibits the reference of the user registration data except the official in charge. In addition, User registration personal data will not be taken out of the compartment we manage.

(7) The extent to which this policy applies

Except as otherwise specified in Our Service, third-party sites and services linked from Our Service are in accordance with our regulation we established regarding to the independent personal data protection.

We take obligations and responsibilities for those independent regulations or activities. Please confirm the regulations established by each site in advance in the provision of personal data.

(8) Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserves the right to make changes for part or all of the Privacy Policy in the future.
In the case of important change, We will notify the Users on Our Website or through email.

We will notify the User when changes are made to the purpose of use of personal data during revision. We will confirm the intention of providing personal data.

Except we established regulations separately, the revised Privacy Policy shall be effective when it is posted on Our Website.

(9) The person responsible for personal data

The person responsible for personal data is as below,

Hobby Collective General Manager : NAOHIKO KAMIYA
64-1 Nagasaki, Shimizuku, Shizuokashi, Shizuoka, 424-0065 JAPAN

(10) Opinions, complaints, oppositions relating to privacy / Disclosure, deletion of personal data

If you have any opinion, complaint, opposition relating to privacy, and request disclosure, deletion of personal data, please contact with cs@hobby-shop.jp. After confirming the contents, we will contact you by email.

In the case of exercising rights on the GDPR, if you living within EU and EEA are eligible to apply for GDPR, Please contact with cs@hobby-shop.jp.
In addition, if it is not handled properly, you can file a complaint to the supervisory authority.

The End.